E-books: Commons Motion to Remove VAT

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Glasgow South Labour MP Tom Harris has but down a Commons Motion calling for VAT for e-books to be set at zero percent.

So far 45 MPs have signed the motion and they are from most of the parties represented at Westminster: Alliance, Conservative, DUP, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and SDLP.

I was made aware of this motion because of a link to my blog from a post on the blog for Cambridge University’s ebooks service.

The motion points out something which I hadn’t thought of before.

e-books produced within other jurisdictions are not necessarily subject to similar taxes and therefore enjoy a huge competitive advantage

It is unfair to expect e-book sellers in the UK to compete with sellers in countries with no or a reduced rate of VAT.

You should ask your MP to sign the motion and I’m glad to say that mine has (Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP, Belfast South). I’m also glad to see that Naomi Long (Alliance, Belfast East) has signed it but it’s disappointing that only four Lib Dem MPs have.

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